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I purchased my North Hollywood AutoMag in 1998.  It was brand new for $1,495.00.  I did not have plans on shooting it but thought it would be nice to have a box of ammo to go with it.  Two months later, I found a box of CDM for $85.00.  After about four months, I couldn't stand it any more and decided to shoot my AutoMag.  It was great.  The LOUD report, the BIG flame coming out of the barrel (it could even be seen during the day) and the cycling of that huge pistol.

The flame fascinated me so I set up for several night shots.  My lovely wife, Paula, took the now famous "Big Flame" night picture, which is in two of my articles.

I could not afford to buy another AutoMag so I thought the next best thing would be to write about them.

I have now completed and published several AutoMag articles for gun magazines.

-Rick Maples